Our Mission, Vision, and Values



Mission, Vision, and Values Statement



To operate customer-driven, competitive, clean, and profitable food stores that will support the community and maintain sustainable growth for the benefit of our employees, our ownership, and our customers for many years to come.


To be our community’s Favorite Local Grocer, providing friendly, helpful service, an abundance of quality products and services, competitive prices, and strong, community leadership.


To accomplish its mission, Moon’s has the following values that provide guidance to its employees and ownership about how they do what they do every day. Those values are:

  • Honesty – We obey the law. We tell the truth. We do not steal from our customers or each other.
  • Integrity – We conduct ourselves in a manner that is above reproach. We live our values in our business dealings and how we treat our customers, our suppliers, and each other
  • Respect – We respect the opinions, property, and perspectives of others. We communicate our ideas, goals, plans, expectations, and results clearly and often
  • Quality – We put out for sale only fresh, quality merchandise
  • Safety – We watch out for others and maintain an environment that is safe for our employees and customers.
  • Management – We work hard. We hustle. We focus on maximizing profit. We are intolerant of inefficiency, loss, and waste. We follow all the policies of the Company and will provide feedback and suggestions to improve it.
  • Leadership – We do the right things. We lead by example and are stewards of policy and procedure. We assist others in developing their professional and personal conduct.
  • Community – We will be involved as responsible citizens of our community


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